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Great Features to make your work Easy!

Online Administration

Complete Online Registration

Pet owners can complete all steps of the pet registration process online, including adding all required pet details and any photos. Once initial registration is complete, pet owners can then select options for on-line or off-line payment. Administrators controls which options are available

Pet Owner Accounts

Pet Owner Login Accounts

Once registered, pet owners can login into their account and view their pet data, add multiple pets, or update pet and personal information. They can also flag their pet as lost, up for adoption, deceased, or re-located. User management features provide for forgot password, reset, update, etc  features. 

Administrator Views

Administrator Views

As an Administrator, you'll have a snapshot view of all pets, types, counts, their lost/found statuses and payment statuses with links to detail information on each registered pet and owner. Filter and sort on any field or date range. Maintain (admin only) notes on each individual pet and/or incident.

Animal Types

Animal Types

Setup your own Animal types for registration (cat, dog, ferret, dog over 20 lbs, etc) and fee structures relative to your municipal policy. Add up to 4 verifiable requirements for each animal type.

Mobile Tablet Friendly

Mobile and Tablet Friendly

We use a responsive design system that re-shapes the page to fit and be usable on just about any device.

Policy Document and Web Link

Policy Document and Web Link

Upload a policy document (pdf) that is accessible to the public via and during the pet registration process. And/or link to a specific web page for more information.

Accept Online Payment

Accept Online Payment Instantly

The system uses PayPal as a secure processor for Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal accounts. This means fast and easy setup, with minimal costs or liability.

Offline Payment

Accept Offline Payment

Use the pay offline feature to accept cash, check, or other payment method at the location(s) you define, along with any other offline payment instructions.

Calculate Tax

Calculate Tax

Enable the addition of a basic tax percentage to be added to all registration charges. Describe the tax as you require (GST, PST, State)

Registrations Types

Registration Types

Allows you to setup pet registrations according to your policies and bylaws such as; a one time fee, an annual fee, or first year free then an annual fee. In all cases, the system requests, via email, that all pet owners update their pet's information annually.

Simplified pet registration all in one system!

Lost and Found

Lost Pets

Registered pet owners can declare their pet lost and provide additional details, The lost pet is displayed at the top of the Lost Animals Page for everyone to see. This info can also be quickly posted to Facebook and Twitter. Email notifications are sent to the Pet Owner and the Pet Registration administrator.

Adopt a Pet

Adopt a Pet

Registered pet owners may be required at some point during their pets life to place their pet up for adoption to a good home. This places a mini profile of each animal on the Adopt a pet page. Interested individuals can contact the pet owner by internal email to arrange a meeting.

Report Animal Abuse

Report Animal Abuse

Allows for anyone to report incidents of animal abuse via a web form and/or additional contact information. This advises the Pet Registration administrator (email notification only, does not provide incident management system). 

Custom Design Themes

Custom Design Theme

Choose from hundreds of great website designs, or let us build you a custom one to reflect an existing municipal website, look, feel, and colors.

Custom Pages

Custom Additional Pages

Add top level or hidden pages to RegPet allowing for additional content such as pet care information, other local resources, or instructional information. The built in editor allows you to edit page content right on line easily and effectively.

Custom Design Themes

Tag Number Validation

Pet ID tag numbers can be entered using any combination of alphanumeric characters. Tag IDs are validated by administrators to confirm existing tag numbers or assign new tag numbers. RegPet also records and maintains other ID information such as chip ID, tattoo ID, or other pet owner initiated non-mandatory 3rd party ID systems to help locate lost pets on other systems.

Auto-generate Certificates

Auto Generate Certificates

(Coming Soon) Let the system generate a printable animal registration certificate, available to the pet owner and administrator.

Renewal Reminders

Renewal Reminder Notification

Specify the days before a first and second notification is sent, and define the text content of the email. 

Past Due Notices

Past Due Notice

Sends a request to a pet owner to update the status of their pet and/or request payment for continued registration.  Optional: sends requests every (x) days since expiry if unpaid. and will do this (x) times before cancelling the registration.