makes Animal Registration Easy!

RegPet is an easy to use online pet registration and management system designed for small to medium sized municipalities.

RegPet allows pet owners to register their pets, provide documents and photos, and receive notification regarding their pet's status. Not only does RegPet provide for pet registration, but it also manages notifications to pet owners for renewals, over due notices, and information on lost pets as well.

From an administrators point of view, RegPet streamlines the entire process and enforces proper information collection as your animal control policy states. Administrators can view and update pet information, payment statuses, track notes about a particular animal and much more.

RegPet is a completely integrated model taking into account issuing tags, certificates, veterinary documents, collecting payment, and also providing both a Lost and Found animals section and Animals up for adoption section,

Pet owners benefit from having an online source for all their pet details and documentation. Administrators benefit from having an easy to use and comprehensive interface to match their animal control policy requirements. 

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Smart Features

RegPet is full of great features that allow you to manage all aspects of your animal control operations in accordance with your policies and bylaws. For a quick overview of features, Click here.